Thursday, 26 February 2009

Problem solved

The illusive rear fender mounting is finally solved. I bought some aluminium yesterday to fabricate my own brackets and odd bits and pieces. I am going to screw the bracket directly to the cross bar on the frame so nothing is visible from anywhere. Since I don´t have a welder, this is what I did.
First I drew a sketch on a piece of paper, traced it to the aluminium and then sawed it out. Filed and polished it and this it what I came up with.From the side:

And mocked up. I will use A4 Stainless steel Allen bolts for this. All bolts that will be replaced will be A4 as I don´t like rust and the store where I buy it is extremely good, not cheap but they have ALL sizes.
My starter cover got polished as I wrote previously. The previous owner sprayed it with some silver metallic paint that wasn´t so good anymore. Some surface rust had come up as you see here:
Not a pretty sight. This is much better. Elbow grease and a drilling machine with two different wheels and compound.

I can´t leave you with just this. If you wondered where I got the idea for the rear fender bracket from, I must say Flake. I think mine came out better...

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  1. rubber mount it or it will eventually crack