Friday, 20 February 2009

Going through the links

Work on my bike is at a halt for the moment.
The bike is out in the cold and has to wait for a while as I need to figure out the seat and rear fender mount issue. Things are leaning towards a street tracker seat pan as I could raise it slightly to keep the original airbox that stick up about 1 cm above the frame. I plan to hinge the seat pan so I could easy access the air filter. Then I could bolt the rear fender to the seat pan as well.
You will be updated later.

A while ago I found another Japanese manufacturer of custom bikes.
An Bu is the name and you can find 5 pages of their bikes at their slightly crappy website.

If white wall tires are the thing that you believe would pop your bike. Beck makes them and
Coker Tires is the place to go to either to check them out or to order.
Using white wall almost demands red rims. Look at this Triumph Bobber and you must admit it looks fantastic. That engine looks so incredibly good as well, but I´d rather have a Yamaha XS650 for reliability.

Otherwise it seems like when you put looks before anything else, the choice is
Firestone Deluxe Classic Blackwell Tire. One of the coolest tires of all times.
I´d love a set of these, but they might be hard to get in Sweden. I have not been successful in finding a retailer here. Any tips are welcome.

Some people are a bit reluctant to the grip area when cornering but the pattern is awesome.
Brat Style uses this tire a lot.
The tires can make or brake the bike. Choose wisely either according to style or budget. No I am NOT sponsored by Coker antique and classic tires, but I´d love for that to happen. Nudge nudge, wink wink.
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It has been two weeks since I added Google Analytics to this blog, and the numbers are surprising.
I´ve had 770 visits from 45countries. People from 43 states in the U.S represents about 50%, Canada, Sweden, U.K and Australia has about 30%.
30% of all visits are not new but returning visitors and you spend at least 10 minutes on my blog. Thank you all.
If you feel that I have missed something, please comment and I will add it if I feel it is valid.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Hi there, I came across your blog early this afternoon to get some inspiration on my bike project. I would say most bikes featured in your blog are so simple and yet so HOT! Perhaps that is the direction where I am heading to, friend. Bobber it is... About the tires you're highlighting here, they are just AWESOME looking tires. But then again, it is hard to get one in Malaysia. Hope we could share some of our ideas on bike building, friend. Here's my email Ciao bud...keep up the good work...

  2. hello.
    wich model of the front tire in motorcycles?
    i from brazil. Sorry my inglesh is not good.
    but i need informations of the motorcycles,
    please help me!
    where found detail informations of the bobbers on this page?
    especially of tires

  3. Read the post again. Fitestone and cooker.

  4. Hej Sebastian, You can order the firestones from $ 158 on ebay. Most companies will ship around the work
    Rauf Osterman