Friday, 13 February 2009

Café racer - the details

As I´ve said before, the devil is in the details.
And it is the details that distinguishes a nice bike from a beautiful one.
This Café racer is just beautiful. The finish is impeccable, the details well thought through and the pics ain´t bad either. It´s a Suzuki GS750, not the most common racer around. Well done.
I probably got the pics at GS Resources, link to be found on the right.
Battery is in the seat cowl.

Next is another Suzuki GS but a 550 instead. Also a very neat bike. Nice details but the pods are a bit off set, otherwise perfect.

The drilled holes again, I really have to do this some day. It looks so cool.
Even though I love some high dollar bikes, what really gets me going is to keep costs down and people having taste and ingenuity in oodles instead of big wallets.

I will leave you with an amazing shot.
That is with a hardtail as well. Never complain about a sore butt after seeing this picture.


  1. damn, that guy probably could'nt sit down for a while after that!