Monday, 20 July 2009

Even more inspiration.

This is from Gravel Crew. In my opinion, probably makers of the finest bikes around.
Here are some pics on how they make it:

Replace the upper part of the frame, manufacture a bent new part and weld, paint and Hey Presto - something really really nice. Quite a few more details to get a looker though.

Some other bikes picked up from someplace below, I forgot where. Flickr something but whom ever owns them, please give me a call and I´ll refer to your site.

Finishing off with Gravel Crew again.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Bike inspiration

Just inspirational pics today.

Friday, 10 July 2009

That Falcon Bullet again.

Some of you guys have seen the pics of the Falcon Bullet.
And since leaving you here with just statistrics seemed a bit to cruel, just as the weekend starts.
This bike is one of the finest I´ve ever seen. Chrome, black and brass looks so good together.
Enjoy these pictures and don´t forget to go to their homepage for more details and HUGE pictures.

Enjoy the weekend.

Statistics rules

Guys, since I started this blog, I´ve had so much joy checking the statistics.
I started with Google analytic in early February, and this is the figures so far.

11,904 people visited this site


With 62% new visits, many of you check in here regularly. That is fantastic.

18,943 visits came from 104 countries/territories

The Top Ten looks like this:
1. 8,261

2. 1,240

3. 1,135

4. 918

5. 701

6. 695

7. 605

8. 583

9. 535

10. 429

The coolest is the "odd" countries/territories like New Caledonia, Palestine, Reunion, Puerto Rico, Iraq, Norfolk Island, Moldova, Albania and Papua New Guinea.

Top 10 refering sites:
1. 1,467

2. 1,442

3. 800

4. 730

5. 700

6. 621

7. 588

8. 437

9. 350


Since Wrenchmonkees added me 18 June, that is remarkably good to be no:7.
Thank you all that refers to my blog.

But most importantly thank you all for visiting me.

JF Sebastian/ aka Baanan

((And to the Swedish visitors. I am ranked 729 at Bloggtoppen.)
( There goes any chance of ever having a BDT T-shirt I guess, Damn)).

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Vintage racing and dirt track

I must give you a really cool blog. is jam packed with cool bikes and vintage pics of TT, dirt track racing and other cool stuff.
Here are a few pics that I "borrowed". Check it out!

Wanted tracker seat

If you have a used street tracker seat and wants to sell it to me, please let me know. Drop me an email or leave a comment.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Street trackers

I felt I just can´t leave you here to read about scooters.
If you want to build a nice one, go to Omars.
There you will find anything apart from the XS650 itself.

First you need a seat,
and a new set of rims,
a new tank,

and a side mounted tail light and a few more things later
And you might end up with something like this.
Them Belladonna trackers are pretty right you know. These bikes rules.

And now over to something completely different!

The Japanese guys are the kings of modifications, that much we all know.
But leaving the bikes aside and checking out the scooter scene gave me goose bumps.
Check out these babies and don´t you tell me that they don´t kick butt.

This would be the before picture:
And some after: Not all are Honda, there is a Suzuki as well.

So no new SR, W or XS today. Happy riding guys.