Sunday, 8 February 2009


Well, the gears must pop in on my bike, so I had to adjust that after the bike had been dismantled.
After fiddling with the clutch adjuster, they popped in fine when I moved the rear wheel a little.
In comes my daughter (age 6) and pushes some buttons randomly.
The bike tries to start!
She pushed just the right buttons and in the right order.
Luckily there was no gas in the carbs, so nothing happened apart from the engine turning.

It wouldn´t have been so bad if the bike hadn´t been in the kitchen...

Nuff said, here is a bike that I really love.
Low, fat, Triumph Thruxton from Gasmonkeysgarage. Just lovely .
Belongs to a guy from Greenday.

Thanks Ringadingdoo for the comments.


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