Sunday, 8 February 2009


Over the last 3 days, I´ve had visitors from 17 countries and from the US alone, people from 30 states have visited this blog. Very surprising and very fun as well.

Today, the topic is manuals, you know the last resort (or first if you are smart) we turn to if we have any question of what the hell we just did and how to do it correctly.
The people that follow the law will buy them from Amazon, the local bike shop or someplace else.
Other people I´ve heard about just download them from some place were the law is either lacking the will or the resources.
One place they visit is THIS PAGE.
Here you can find a manual for just any brand you might have at home.

If you need to look at parts to order, THIS page is fantastic. Pics from partsfiche, were you can see exactly how things were mounted before you tore it apart and misplaced the bolts and washers.

The devil is in the details, as you might know.
Here are a few neat details I like, what about you?
Look at the holes in the rear hub, looks damn cool. Beautiful bike all together.

I love the paint job on this bike.

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  1. dude...just lovely your blog!



    i just discovered it..
    u r on my list now!
    checking u daily!