Thursday, 25 June 2009

Helmet and safety

I´m going to buy a new helmet soon and have done some research (surprise).
First I thought of a really stiff fiberglass/kevlar helmet like Arai or AGV would do, but after reading THIS article from motorcyclistonline, I have come to another conclusion. Softer (read polycarbonate) gives less impact and less G:s to your brain. Less G:s is the difference between a few weeks at the hospital or being an organ donor!
So why are there so few good looking helmets out there?
Most look like graffiti from a wall somewhere and that is just plain misplaced on a bobber.
The black jet is a classic and will always work fine.
But look at these vintage helmets and you will also wish that that design will reappear again soon.
I´m a huge fan of flake paint on helmets.
Any ideas on which helmet to buy?
Links are welcome in the comment field below.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Guys, as you know, I love readers contributions.
This was waiting in my inbox:


I built a little cafe racer/bobber from a Yamaha RD400--a 2 stroke. I've attached some photos of the result. There is still a little to be done, but it is nearly finished. My website is:

To see all the bikes I've built, kindly have a look at:

I hope you like the bikes enough to cover them in your blog!"

Me - I love it.

Sometimes inspiration is just gone

Well, that´s why there has been so few updates as of lately.
I got fed up with looking at the same old SR, XS and W650 bikes.
Few seems to dare to get some more odd bikes modified and do it well.
Believe me, there are loads of odd bikes out there, some people got it, and most don´t.
Now I mean in getting the lines, get it looking clean, or bad ass, or in some way appealing.
I´m sure all have fun and that is ALWAYS the most important thing.
I love bikes where the builder/owner has more ideas, is more creative, does more with less than people that just buys bolt on stuff that might or might not fit well together.

The good pepole at Wrenchmonkees dare to be different.
There are BMW´s, Kawasaki Z1000´s, Hondas, Moto Guzzis and of course the mandatory Yamahas.
Check them out, lovely almost monocrome detailed pictures.