Thursday, 30 April 2009

Beautiful engines

Since my own engine is in dire need of new valve shims, not just carb adjustment, I felt the need to publish some of the most beautiful engines I´ve found.
Shims are expensive. About $20 each for NOS stuff. The budget ones are about$ 3 and will be ordered today.

Some of the nicest engines I´ve found so far is the J.A.P.
J. A. Prestwich made a wide range of engines including a V twin 1,100 cc. This engine was regularly fitted to Formula 3 cars for use at hillclimbs or in Formula 2. Some manufacturers, notably Cooper, produced long chassis versions of their cars specifically to accommodate these larger engines.
You can have the same engine as a Brough Superior.

You can buy NEW engines, CNC machined for optimal performance from Cameron Racing Engines.
Look at these beauties and move back a bit.
Drooling is bad for your keyboard.

Admit that this engine would be a crown jewel on a J.A.P Bobber!
More engines to come later. Triumph, Harley, Yamaha and many more.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Carbs on the table

Well, my bike ran in short bursts and the died.
Today I pulled the carbs and gave them a check.
Both floats were leaking so I soldered, tested them in water and then tomorrow I´ll put them back on the bike again. I also discovered that I had connected a vent hose wrong.
Hopefully I´ll start the bike tomorrow.

I followed my own advice and checked the links from JOINTS.
Check out Motoshop Tonouchi.
These bikes are theirs:

Fingers crossed for tomorrow. I´d be VERY happy if the bike started with no problems. Then I could refocus on painting the tank again, fabricating the bracket that would raise the rear end of the tank about 3 cm to get it level with the frame, mount some loose end and do the virgin run.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Japanese custom show

For all of us who can´t be in Japan and are curious about which companies show off their bikes at these show, I urge you to check out the builders at Joints Custom Motorcyle show. Just to give you a hint, you will find Gravel Crew, Flakes MC, Red Hot Company and many more.
Loads of links = hours of fun.

Don´t know if they were there, but LAMP Motorcycles makes some kick ass bikes as well.
Mostly Harleys but fine nonetheless. Really cool sign the have:

If you want to read Japanese, use babelfish or something.
Better than the Japanese cryptic signs, even if it´s far from perfect.

One that was at the show, was the guy behind one of my favorite sites, Sparetime.
He already published the pics so got check them out.
Here come a preview:

I´m off to my bike now. Fingers crossed and battery charged.

EDIT: Just got my bike running for a few sec using the old cap-of-gas-in-the-cylinder-ploy.
First a big delayed huff.
More gas, more huff and a puff.
More gas, Ignition and ran fine for 2 sec, and then silence.
Did the same again, same result.
Hooked up the tank, cap of gas in, ran again but then the famous silence again.
Now I just need to figure out if the carbs are ok. Had them apart in November and they were clean. Did not adjust the float height, did not even know how to check it. It was the first day I had the bike.
Sadly, it sounded a bit like a lawn mower.........


Monday, 20 April 2009

People that knows more than me said that I need to check valve clearance.
So much easier than changing piston rings as I feared.
Work will start tomorrow.

In the mean time, enjoy this W650 bike.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Almost done

Well, my bike is almost done.
Need to mount the license plate and light, indicators and finish the seat.
Oh, and get it running.
Will buy a compression tester tomorrow. All electrical seems to work fine.
Here is the state as it is now.As you see, I painted the frame as well.
POR-15 seems to work just fine. Looks a lot better when it´s shiny and no surface rust is visible.
Next winter I will probably remove the engine and do it all properly and powder coat it.
The side covers will have to do until I have time to fabricate new ones. They look like sh*t, but they do the job. New head light and mount will also be there when I get the time/money for it.
If I don´t buy a XS650 or an old Iron Sportster. They seem to go for the right kind of money now. Recession rules (NOT).
If it would run now, without any major overhaul be a mechanic, it will all be done for less than $500. Not to bad huh?

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Favourite for sale

Guys, the bike that sits on top of this page is for sale.
Here are some more shots and facts:

Compact chopper. FLAKE paint. Frame processing. 16in wheel. One off muffler.

Go to the Gravel Crew page and watch it for yourself.
One of the fines bikes I´ve seen. The muffler is awesome.

As for my bike, it is getting assembled now. All is there apart from the seat and indicators.
As I this is a budget build, the ugly stock indicators will have to do for the moment and would be good for test and inspection from the Swedish DMV. After that I will buy some small indicators.
Pic will be taken tomorrow.
My daughters have had chicken pocks (the second has it now) so progress on the bike is slow.
Single parenting has its draw backs.
Ah damn you chicken pocks, God damn you all to hell. (thank you Charlton Heston)

If anyone in Stockholm could help me get the damn bike running, a bottle of Single Malt is yours. Send me an e-mail if you can help me.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

New paintjob

Well, the red/white paint looked like a textile from IKEA, so it had to go.
The new is really really cool.
Here is a pic if a detail from the tank. I still need to wet sand it with 1200 paper and then clear coat plus another wet sand + polishing.
What do you think?
And from the side:

I still need to buy some indicators and fab something to fasten my license plate to, and sadly, get it running.
Here it is, no tank, no side covers, no seat. New speedo and tacho will be added later.
And yes, I do have a Texas offset smoker and a grill on my deck.
BBQ rules.
I still don´t know if I should paint the mufflers black or have them in shiny chrome, what do you think?