Saturday, 7 February 2009

First mock-up of the bike

I have primed the side covers today, and will paint them black tomorrow.
Will probably not use them later. If I rejet the carbs and get some pod filters, I will remount the electrical stuff under the seat and have that area open. The battery will be covered by some metal or a tin can.
The lower part of the bike shall either be black or shiny (crome or polished aluminium).
The struts are just for measurement. I need 25-27 cm shocks for the rear, eye to eye.
Does any of you have a spare pair for sale?

It sits sooo looow now.
Tomorrow I will buy some brackets for the rear fender. Would love to make a hugger but how the hell do I mount the front of the fender close to the battery?

Will buy some dirt track bars to replace the ones I have now.

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  1. Skaffa mindre tank, ta bort kåporna under sätet,(man ska kicka igång hojen!) Sen tycker jag den skulle bli riktigt tjusig! :)