Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dirt tracker

Well, checking the "inter web" gives us inspiration in all forms.
Checking for kick ass bikes even more so.
Now this is a first for me, a Harley that I actually like a lot, kicks ass and makes me wanna call the bank (oh, you don´t lend out money for bikes anymore!!???).
It´s a Harley XR750 replica.
Look at the details and the fantastic rims!!!
I wonder where Deus Ex Machina got their inspiration from...

You can order one of these yourself. Will set you back about $27000.

Here are the specs:
1200 Buell XB motor 105 hp
19″ PM racing wheels
Custom Oil in frame , single shock chrome moly racing chassis
PM brakes front and rear
PM controls
Aluminum fuel tank
Custom paint and graphics signed by Jay himself
Supertrapp exhaust
Flanders bars
Custom “9″ imprinted seat
Aluminum pegs
Penske shock
Headlight and tailight
a street legal race bike!

Options Available:
Wire Spoke Racing Wheels
Color Choice of “Harley Orange” or
Blue / White “Supertrapp” race colors or
Burgundy/White “Bartells race colors
Nickel or Chrome or Painted frame

Buy it here

That seat pan would be great on my bike, might just buy one.

Just minor work on my bike. Got rid of the ugly part with the reflexes that was on the fork, and also flipped the brackets that holds the head light. Got the light a bit lower which looks better.
Since my budget is a laugh, I need to be smart rather than a shopaholic. But that seat pan is to difficult to make myself.

Until later.

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