Tuesday, 10 February 2009

K&N Magna Extra Wide Bar

I was off at Raceway yesterday and bought a new WIIIIDE bar since the old one sucked.
The new one is, and here I am a bit confused, 32" wide, 4 1/2" rise and 6 3/4 pullback, it is a super bike bar but the measurements fit some of the flat track bars as well!!!

The bike got a totally different look and I sit so much better. I have to relocate my seat since I ended up much further back. I think I´ll make a new longer one tomorrow. I have another old road sign that just waits to be transformed.

This is what the bike ended up like with the new bar on it and the old on top so you can see the difference.

I need to get another throttle cable and a new front brake hose as well.
The throttle cable comes out from the tank now instead of between the forks.
The brake hose is just shy of 5 cm to short.
I´m thinking of getting some classic Triumph controls instead of the standard Suzuki ones.
That would look so much better. I also think I might relocate the master brake cylinder to some other place to get cleaner bars.

I also bought a bullet light that will be both rear and brake light.
It´s a Zodiac Bullet light, mostly for Harleys but I chose it before the Ford (STOP) light.

I can´t just leave you here with my bike.
Here is one of my all time favorites. It´s Kawasaki W650 from the Aussie guys at Deus Ex Machina.
Just look at it and enjoy. THAT is why they are on my links list. And look at the low bar as well.


  1. How nice is that w650! i have the good fortune of living around the corner from deus. I am always like a child in a candy shop!

    Thanks for the link to my blog. I will have to work out how to put links on mine. when i do i will add yours.

    Love your work on that GS450


  2. Hi,
    I am seeking images of honda vt250 magna custom bobber conversions...any help is appreciated...you can email me at 12gaugemilitia@gmail.com


  3. Hi I'm Mad I have a vt25c bobber amages to share with you, i will email them to you.. hope any help..