Sunday, 1 February 2009

As promised, I have added some progress pictures from my polishing activities. I have two stages left, white polishing paste and then wax. It´s a bit tricky to do with the parts still on the bike, but this is done more to stop winter boredom than to have the bike in its finished state.
This year it´s more to make it the way I want it, and next winter it will be tore down to the bones and the frame will be powder coated and all will be polished to perfection. Or it will be rough just with some shiny parts. Not decided yet.

The before. Cleaned but no polishing.

And after. A decent improvement but by no means finished. The pic was taken outside where there is -3C and some ice was on the covers.

Now I have made a paper shape of the seat. Will be similar to this.

I have found an old road sign of aluminium that will serve as base for the seat pan. I just need to figure out if I should buy the fastening stuff or make it. Rubber bushings seems better than springs since I will have the shocks for a while. I might even just bolt it to the frame to get it lower still. Springs are better if I go for struts of hard tail in the future. The seat above is from Boat Rap in Japan. They make some really neat bikes and awesome parts you can order as well.

Until later my friends.

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