Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Yamaha XS - one of the most modified japs ever

The Yamaha XS model is beautiful as is, but there are sooooo many different mods done to it and also a fairly big aftermarket as well. The 650 is the crown of all models, even though the 400 and 500 are great. Of course, our favorite fabricators in Japan has done loads of highly modded bikes. Bratstyle has some nasty bikes with suicide shifters. Look at this one and enjoy. But go to their homepage if you havn´t been there yet.

Internet rules when it comes to launching your projects or showing off. Look here at Bay City design at the making of a metric chopper. This would give you some ideas for your project regardless of your bike model. The making of a hardtail is always interesting.

You can also buy weld-on hardtails at some shops. Google that or check this one.
TC Bro Choppers make one and ships worldwide.

There are some dedicated XS650 forums as well. 650rider is one of them. Look closely as the tips and tricks are many and covers just about every problem that can occur.

Look at these fine samples of XS bikes.

Heiwa has done this fantastic bike below. Big engine, but it looks nimble anyway.
Now when you are done here, go to Heiwa and prepare to want one you too. I for one, am certian that my next bike will be an XS, unless I can afford a W650 from Kawasaki of course.

My bike is out in the cold as I have my kids this week. The kitchen is to crowded with a bike and two daughters that wants to help me out. But spring is here soon I hope, and the bike SHALL run on 01april.


  1. HOw sweet are Heiwa bikes! Love it.

    Hey I noticed you spelt Wrenchmonkeys wrong in your header...

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  4. under heaven, under the influence, under her skirt, underneath the barrel! (In English my poetry does not perform well, but it was very beautiful in Italian ..)
    The low XS (purple-sky-in-trip-color) is one of the most beautiful bike I've ever seen on screen..