Monday, 16 February 2009

Measure twice - cut once.

Old school - hate those words, love the bikes
Yeah, sounds to much like Paul Sr from OCC. Don´t like the bikes, don´t like the show.
This bike however, is very nice and obviously not from OCC.
Don´t know anything about it, just that I love the fork, head light mount and I believe it´s quite noisy.

This Street Tracker is from Deus ex machina, again, one of the best bike builders around. To bad it´s so damn far from Stockholm. A 24h flight is not around the corner precisely. Check the link on the right. All info about the bike there.
Nostalgia rules as far as bikes go.

This next bike is also from Deus. Lovely hardtail.
When you are done here, go check them out. Well worth the time.

If you are into street or flat trackers, Sideburn is the place to go. Link on the right as well.
Order the magazine if you like that a lot, but the blog is great as well.

As far as my bike goes, I have mounted the rear fender, put the stock rear shocks on and noticed that either they are:
  1. extremely soft
  2. worn out
  3. sags but work
Either way, when I jump a bit on the bike I almost hit the fender with the rear wheel. So for now I will keep the shocks and try them out when the snow is gone. Snow sucks by the way.
The tail light will be on tomorrow and I will trim the front fender now a rear fender as well. Pics will come.
I did however hit a snag with my seat. I forgot to mount the lid/top of the airbox when I tried out the seat and now I discovered that the seat hits the plastic. Damn damn damn.
I need to make another seat that can cover the really high lid and I will cut out some from the seat pan so I don´t get the elevated seat look but a tight and smooth one.
You live and you learn. I should listen to myself. Measure twice, cut one.

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