Friday, 30 January 2009

Even I strike gold

Well, having a few links in store to view from time to time is pretty nice.
This one I´ve either forget about or it has been updated.
Load and loads of great BRATSTYLE bobbers.
Already had a lot of the pics on my own place at Flickr or on my hard drive but quite a few new and best of all, several pics of the bikes.
Nice pipes, nice seat cowl from Bratstyle if I´m not wrong (you can buy it yourself from their homepage.

Now THAT is a narrow bike. Very neat paint job on the tank.

So check it out for yourself, but make sure you have plenty of time because you will be there for a long log time.

As for my own bike, the side covers on the engine is shining like crazy now. Polishing is dirty but the result is fantastic. The surface is so smooth that it feels like nothing is going to stick to it, apart from the wax that I will apply later. Pics will come.

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