Sunday, 5 April 2009

New paintjob

Well, the red/white paint looked like a textile from IKEA, so it had to go.
The new is really really cool.
Here is a pic if a detail from the tank. I still need to wet sand it with 1200 paper and then clear coat plus another wet sand + polishing.
What do you think?
And from the side:

I still need to buy some indicators and fab something to fasten my license plate to, and sadly, get it running.
Here it is, no tank, no side covers, no seat. New speedo and tacho will be added later.
And yes, I do have a Texas offset smoker and a grill on my deck.
BBQ rules.
I still don´t know if I should paint the mufflers black or have them in shiny chrome, what do you think?


  1. paint the muffler black to match the wheels.

    lookin good.