Thursday, 30 April 2009

Beautiful engines

Since my own engine is in dire need of new valve shims, not just carb adjustment, I felt the need to publish some of the most beautiful engines I´ve found.
Shims are expensive. About $20 each for NOS stuff. The budget ones are about$ 3 and will be ordered today.

Some of the nicest engines I´ve found so far is the J.A.P.
J. A. Prestwich made a wide range of engines including a V twin 1,100 cc. This engine was regularly fitted to Formula 3 cars for use at hillclimbs or in Formula 2. Some manufacturers, notably Cooper, produced long chassis versions of their cars specifically to accommodate these larger engines.
You can have the same engine as a Brough Superior.

You can buy NEW engines, CNC machined for optimal performance from Cameron Racing Engines.
Look at these beauties and move back a bit.
Drooling is bad for your keyboard.

Admit that this engine would be a crown jewel on a J.A.P Bobber!
More engines to come later. Triumph, Harley, Yamaha and many more.

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