Saturday, 18 April 2009

Almost done

Well, my bike is almost done.
Need to mount the license plate and light, indicators and finish the seat.
Oh, and get it running.
Will buy a compression tester tomorrow. All electrical seems to work fine.
Here is the state as it is now.As you see, I painted the frame as well.
POR-15 seems to work just fine. Looks a lot better when it´s shiny and no surface rust is visible.
Next winter I will probably remove the engine and do it all properly and powder coat it.
The side covers will have to do until I have time to fabricate new ones. They look like sh*t, but they do the job. New head light and mount will also be there when I get the time/money for it.
If I don´t buy a XS650 or an old Iron Sportster. They seem to go for the right kind of money now. Recession rules (NOT).
If it would run now, without any major overhaul be a mechanic, it will all be done for less than $500. Not to bad huh?


  1. hey great looking bike!
    i would lower the headlight a bit and try to put the tank more in line with the frame or a smaller tank so the engine would look bigger
    nice wheels!
    i'm not sure how they look in real life but think i like the side covers like this but your bike would look a lot lighter if you would have no side covers at all


  2. Thanks Lenny
    The head light IS actually lowered. I flipped the bracket so it sits a couple of cm lower now.
    But I agree, smaller tank would be great, but the double frame rails and the complex shape of the underside limits my options a lot.
    Think that I only can fit the GS450L tank without welding. Personally, I love the small slim tanks on the Heiwa, Gravel Crew and Matsumaru bikes.
    As for the side covers, I MUST have a battery as there is no kick start, and as long as I have the stock air box I see no point in removing them all together. But I like the clean look with pods and no battery (or hidden).