Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Japanese custom show

For all of us who can´t be in Japan and are curious about which companies show off their bikes at these show, I urge you to check out the builders at Joints Custom Motorcyle show. Just to give you a hint, you will find Gravel Crew, Flakes MC, Red Hot Company and many more.
Loads of links = hours of fun.

Don´t know if they were there, but LAMP Motorcycles makes some kick ass bikes as well.
Mostly Harleys but fine nonetheless. Really cool sign the have:

If you want to read Japanese, use babelfish or something.
Better than the Japanese cryptic signs, even if it´s far from perfect.

One that was at the show, was the guy behind one of my favorite sites, Sparetime.
He already published the pics so got check them out.
Here come a preview:

I´m off to my bike now. Fingers crossed and battery charged.

EDIT: Just got my bike running for a few sec using the old cap-of-gas-in-the-cylinder-ploy.
First a big delayed huff.
More gas, more huff and a puff.
More gas, Ignition and ran fine for 2 sec, and then silence.
Did the same again, same result.
Hooked up the tank, cap of gas in, ran again but then the famous silence again.
Now I just need to figure out if the carbs are ok. Had them apart in November and they were clean. Did not adjust the float height, did not even know how to check it. It was the first day I had the bike.
Sadly, it sounded a bit like a lawn mower.........



  1. Thanks Lenny.
    Sometimes you will strike gold here...

  2. Is this site still working?
    may you like those 2 of mine from Italy!
    So long bros..

  3. The site is still working, I´m just not updating it for now.
    My mojo is gone.