Monday, 27 April 2009

Carbs on the table

Well, my bike ran in short bursts and the died.
Today I pulled the carbs and gave them a check.
Both floats were leaking so I soldered, tested them in water and then tomorrow I´ll put them back on the bike again. I also discovered that I had connected a vent hose wrong.
Hopefully I´ll start the bike tomorrow.

I followed my own advice and checked the links from JOINTS.
Check out Motoshop Tonouchi.
These bikes are theirs:

Fingers crossed for tomorrow. I´d be VERY happy if the bike started with no problems. Then I could refocus on painting the tank again, fabricating the bracket that would raise the rear end of the tank about 3 cm to get it level with the frame, mount some loose end and do the virgin run.

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