Thursday, 16 April 2009

Favourite for sale

Guys, the bike that sits on top of this page is for sale.
Here are some more shots and facts:

Compact chopper. FLAKE paint. Frame processing. 16in wheel. One off muffler.

Go to the Gravel Crew page and watch it for yourself.
One of the fines bikes I´ve seen. The muffler is awesome.

As for my bike, it is getting assembled now. All is there apart from the seat and indicators.
As I this is a budget build, the ugly stock indicators will have to do for the moment and would be good for test and inspection from the Swedish DMV. After that I will buy some small indicators.
Pic will be taken tomorrow.
My daughters have had chicken pocks (the second has it now) so progress on the bike is slow.
Single parenting has its draw backs.
Ah damn you chicken pocks, God damn you all to hell. (thank you Charlton Heston)

If anyone in Stockholm could help me get the damn bike running, a bottle of Single Malt is yours. Send me an e-mail if you can help me.

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