Monday, 23 March 2009


Sorry guys for being out of the blog for a while.
My bike is in mocked up state and I tried to start it this weekend just before the snow came back. I HATE late winter, and I love early spring.
Sadly, no spark at all. I will buy some new spark plugs tomorrow and try again.
If it starts properly, I will tighten all bolts, nuts and lube it up.
I am sooooooo keen on getting it on the road for a spin.
The first ever.

As for the stock side covers, they will just have to go asap.
I might do something like this:Could be a bit over the top, but look far better than stock anyway.

Wish I had the dough to get this done. This bike is out of this world.

I´m not sure how it drives, but parked, it´s second to none.

And since no-one mailed me about their own bikes, no bike but my favs will appear here.
If you want that to change, get on with it and send me some pics.


  1. Hi from Finland.

    I found your blog a while ago, when I bought my W650 and started to surf the web to get some ideas.
    I'll send you some pics when it's done..should be ready in couple of weeks, I'm waiting for a brakeline and to get back my seat from upholsterer. Nothing fancy, but probably first bobbed W in Finland.
    My main ride is an Indian Big Chief 1925 with hopped up mix an' match motor from 39-46. But that's another story.
    BTW, I found sending e-mail to you a bit awkward through this site...


  2. Jack, I´d love to show pics of both your bikes.
    The old Indians are fantastic, even bastard ones:-). The W650 is such a grateful base to build from. Looks great right out of the box. You can´t go wrong there.
    Posted my e-mail on the bottom right side here. Might make it easier.

  3. hi there, what a nice bike the blue one