Monday, 9 March 2009

Finding ideas

There are quite a few guys like me out here. People that use ctrl+d and ctrl+s a lot.
Many of you have been to my page at to get inspiration.
Some of you have maybe seen the other groups that I belong to.
Japan choppers is one with hours of great pictures, mostly choppers and bobbers.
If you are more into café racers, look at here or here at Ace Café London.
Here is Ringadingdoos collection of bikes.
Home made choppers and bobbers here

I can not stress enough the fantastic source of ideas that you can find in various forums.
The Chopper Underground has a lot of XS650 builds, Dotheton have a great section if you need/want to make your own seat or get ideas for your Café tank and The GS Resources is absolutely fantastic if you have a Suzuki GS/GSX. Here you have a world of knowledge, loads of ideas if you want to modify your bikes either as a bobber, café or want to just get wherever you are going a lot faster.


  1. Does anyone have any information on the above bike - make and model? and whether it is a stock frame?

  2. Check on Gravel Crew, link to the right here.
    I think it´s an Yamaha XS650.

  3. Yeah thanks, its all in Japanese though! Does anyone know if its possible to extend the swing arm and then drop the shocks so it looks like you're sitting low on a hardtail bobber?

  4. Use google translator or babelfish to translate. Yes you can extent the swing arm. You can also get lowering blocks that moves the lower part rearward and also buy shorter shocks.

  5. These aren't Bobbers. They are just choppers in the pages of Custom Burning. Bobber is some buzz word that eBay builders went stupid over. I know what a real bobber is- as most do. These are just chops. Go to Zokeisha publishing. Look up Custom Burning, then links. Those shops have been around for years. The drip seat chops have been the trend since '05.

  6. ^drop seat, short fork choppers

  7. I dig your site there are alot of great bike's and people on here keep it going
    and check out my blog

  8. Is there anyone in the Pacific Northwest I have a shop up here and tons of custom parts and I can help you find just about any thing well let me know and I'm always lookn for people to ride with