Friday, 27 March 2009

First reader contribution

Jack from Finland is the first reader out.
He says "My main ride is an Indian Big Chief 1925 with hopped up mix an' match motor from 39-46."
I think it looks awesome and would love to see it in person.
So, get your bike out in the soft spring light and take some pictures, or get some from your garage, kitchen floor och back yard.

As for my bike, I seem to have a spark plug wire as I don´t get any spark on the right hand side, but get 4.5Ohm on the coil itself.
Will have to wait until next week as I am going to wreck a kitchen wall this weekend.

If you are looking for bikerblogs, check Nothing but links to just bikerblogs.
Happy wrenching and have a great weekend.


  1. -That's a wicked looking bike. Love it.