Sunday, 18 January 2009

Project bike comin along

Well, I´ve come small step on the way of bobbing my GS450.
Here is the latest picture.

I´ve done the front brakes, the carbs are cleaned and nice, all electrics work accept the horn, rims painted, exhaust removed to be painted flat black with heat resistant pait, bike lowered with temporary strut awaiting lower rear chocks, tank primed awaiting red/white color and seat half way done. I have a seat cowl from an old Yamaha gas tank that will probably be mounted as well.

There are quite a few bikes that have inspired me. Here are a few:
For once a Harley that I like.

An incredible nice Honda CB 750 D'cafe.
Yoshimura motor, ARD magneto, Kimtab magnesium wheels, A&H brakes, GP fork, Webber carburetors, more super rare parts.
Very special SKRATCH Paint. From Garagecompany. Check under custom bikes.
There is another sister bike to this one, also fantastic but with less spectacular paint.

This one is soooo clean but also dangerous as it doesn´t have any front brake. Look at the clean bar, no cables or anything that disturbs the slick look.
Not sure who made it. Could be Gravel Crew or Heiwa.

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  1. Yeah, those bikes can really impress and inspire. I'd love to ride one of them.