Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Polishing guides

Well, as you might have read in previous posts, it´s polishing time now while I await some parts and having the tank prepped for paint.
If you are in to polishing parts of your bike, these guides might be very useful.
The one that requires the most elbow grease is this one.
The methods used here makes you able to get cast aluminium to shine like crome.
The before picture, intake manifold for a Supra.
And after of course. Damn that is so much work but the result speaks for itself.

The other link is also very useful but here it´s more use of polishing machines and very good guide to what kind of buffer wheels and compounds to be used on different materials and stages of polishing.

Just a warning, once you start polishing stuff, it´s addictive and you might have to polish everything as unpolished parts look extremely dull.
Once it´s done, you will find that dirt doesn´t stick as easy to the polished parts and as long as you wax it every now and then, you will have a very nice finish to it.

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