Friday, 10 July 2009

That Falcon Bullet again.

Some of you guys have seen the pics of the Falcon Bullet.
And since leaving you here with just statistrics seemed a bit to cruel, just as the weekend starts.
This bike is one of the finest I´ve ever seen. Chrome, black and brass looks so good together.
Enjoy these pictures and don´t forget to go to their homepage for more details and HUGE pictures.

Enjoy the weekend.


  1. Dear sir,
    I like yr motocycle very much.But I live in Vietnam, I want to buy the Bobber Chopper. How can I contact to you.
    Please feed back:
    Best regards!

  2. Those are some of the nicest looking Japanese bikes I've ever seen. I thought you might also like this Japanese chopper (more like a japanese bobber chopper in my opinion). Let me know what you think! And please post a picture and a few details on our projects page, if you have the time :-)

  3. Dude that is one beautiful bike.
    By the way, you're not really the same guy from Blade Runner, are you? ;) hehe.
    Cool page mate.

  4. This bike is very cool I saw it at last years hippie killer hoedowns its very clean good details