Thursday, 25 June 2009

Helmet and safety

I´m going to buy a new helmet soon and have done some research (surprise).
First I thought of a really stiff fiberglass/kevlar helmet like Arai or AGV would do, but after reading THIS article from motorcyclistonline, I have come to another conclusion. Softer (read polycarbonate) gives less impact and less G:s to your brain. Less G:s is the difference between a few weeks at the hospital or being an organ donor!
So why are there so few good looking helmets out there?
Most look like graffiti from a wall somewhere and that is just plain misplaced on a bobber.
The black jet is a classic and will always work fine.
But look at these vintage helmets and you will also wish that that design will reappear again soon.
I´m a huge fan of flake paint on helmets.
Any ideas on which helmet to buy?
Links are welcome in the comment field below.


  1. davida makes great helmets but are not the cheapest..

  2. Some decent looking lids available from Marushin.

    I like the enVogue Biarritz

  3. Marushin seems fine. Fiberglass but softer than Arai and alikes. Just have to check where they are sold.
    More ideas?

  4. fulmer has rereleased the V2 style helmet, metal flake and polycarbonate

  5. Fulmers are sadly not sold in Sweden, and mail order seems a bit strange when you can´t try out your helmet irl. But damn the Easy Rider looked good, the flakes I´m not so sure. Pictures might do them justice.
    Thanks for the comment anyway.

  6. Good blog! Congratulations!

  7. Bandit helmets seem to be good looking and comfortable. They´re the only ones who have that oldschool fullface helmet on their line :)

    Biltwell is the wau to go if you want those flakes straight from the store.

    I´d say buy a bandit helmet and get it custom painted to be whaetever you want it to be! You can give the paint shop those images above for reference..

  8. check out it's an italian based companyand the website is in italian but they have some very cool open face helmets


    Best lookin, great helmets. Talk to Paulo, say that Lord recommended him.

  10. Check out
    Paulo is the man, his helmets are awesome and you can have them made in any style you want. They're super comfortable light and incredibly well made.
    And not expensive at all.

  11. these guys have some bitchin helmets

  12. Hi all,

    Nice picture! Helmet is securely fitted and fastened on your head. Thank you...

    Vintage Helmets

  13. good looking helmets. sad that there is no one with a fire flames, it will be so cool